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Need help applying for the 501c3? You have come to the right place!


Shekinah’s Achievement provides the most experience, (Over 1000 successful 501c3 applications) and the lowest price and the best value in the country.


We can prepare all of the necessary documentation to secure your organization’s 501c3 tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


The recognition of your organization as 501c3 tax exempt by the IRS offers numerous advantages and is necessary to help your organization get more donations and growth. The primary benefits of 501c3 status include: tax deductions for all donors, private and public grant money eligibility, lower postage rates for 501c3 tax exempt organizations, and increased credibility among the public.


Shekinah’s Achievement guarantees approval of the 501c3 status with fast completion. The IRS application process can be both tedious and complex; when done incorrectly, it can add months of delays to your approval. Don’t let your charity lose time and money! Allow us to complete your 501c3 application quickly and correctly the first time. This will allow your organization to begin receiving tax exempt donations sooner!


Our 501c3 service includes application preparation of your 1023 form, plus a review of your organizing documents and IRS follow-up, allowing you to receive your 501c3 certification approval in some cases as fast as 30 days. We also help our clients with incorporation, state tax exemptions and other nonprofit document preparation.


Interested in receiving tax exempt advantages for your organization but don’t fall under 501c3?


There are many other sections of 501c that provide different tax benefits such as:


501c(4)- Exempts social welfare organizations/civic leagues

501c(5)- Exempts labor unions, agricultural groups

501c(6)- Exempts business leagues, chambers of commerce, boards of trade,

               professional football leagues.

501c(7)- Exempts social and recreational clubs

501c(8)- Exempts fraternal lodges

501c(9)- Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Associations

501c(10)- Domestic Fraternal Societies and Associations

501c(11)- Teachers’ Retirement Fund Associations

501c(12)- Benevolent Life Insurance Associations

501c(13)- Cemetery Companies

501c(14)- State Chartered Credit Unions, Mutual Reserve Funds

501c(15)- Mutual Insurance Companies or Associations

501c(16)- Cooperative Organizations to Finance Crop Operations

501c(17)- Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Trusts

501c(18)- Employee Funded Pension Trust (created before June 25, 1959)

501c(19)- Organization of Past or Present Members of the Armed Forces

501c(20)- Group Legal Services Plan Organizations


Shekinah’s Achievement is a national nonprofit resource center! We have helped over 1000 non profits get their 501c3.


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