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Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are still several questions you want to ask from us about grant writing and our services. It is important that you are well equipped with the right information on what we do and what we can provide you. Be fully informed with the aid of the following commonly encountered questions and their answers:


If successfully awarded with the grant money, does Shekinah’s Achievement require a percentage or commission from the client?

NO. We do not require or even ask our clients to give us a percentage or commission from the grant fund that was awarded to them. The amount we charge for the grant writing service is a fixed and flat rate. There are no hidden or additional charges other than the price of the package and if there are additional orders for other products and services.


What is a grant?

Grant is “free” money from the government and some private organizations that you never have to pay back.


Who are eligible to apply for grants?

Some think that proposals are only for persons with disability, women, and the elderly. On the contrary, anybody is eligible to apply for grants... provided they qualify under these categories:



Non-profit, as determined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service·

With grant projects/programs that benefit a larger part of the population of a certain community; or promote medical, technological, environmental, religious, intellectual, or scientific advancements/innovations and/or general goodwill.



U.S. citizen or permanent resident, at the time of application; for federal grants – 18 years old and above· With grant programs/projects that benefit a larger part of the population of a certain community or promote medical, technological, environmental, religious, intellectual, or scientific advancements, and/or general goodwill.


· Tax-free income - Income earned by the organization is deemed tax-free.


· Tax deductible donations - Donors can make charitable contributions receive a

   tax deduction on their tax return.


· Employee benefits - Employees will be entitled to various fringe benefits like

  group life insurance, health insurance, and corporate pension plans etc.


· Grants - The organization will be qualified to receive private and public grant money.


· Postage - Lower postage rates on corporate mailings.


· Public Service Announcements (PSA) Reduced rates for radio and PSA announcements

  in the local media.


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