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Non-profit organizations and many public entities s are the common recipients of grant monies.

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Shekinah’s Achievement can help you cut through the red tape of the grant world and secure the funding you need to make positive changes in your life and community. There are government grant programs with billions of dollars available to help citizens afford college tuition, fund new business plans, aid homeowners, provide job training and protect the most disadvantaged sectors of our communities too.


Shekinah’s Achievement can help educate potential applicants with the most up-to-date information about which grants are available and where to find them. Shekinah’s Achievement can show you how to comply with specific grant requirements and how to create an application that will increase your chances of becoming a recipient. Shekinah’s Achievement is your best resource for navigating both the non-profit and government grant sectors.


Personal Grants

Personal grants are initiatives aimed at helping out our citizens who are experiencing temporary financial hard times. Personal grants can make a big difference to people trying to stay afloat in this downward turned economy. A personal grant can prevent homeowners avoid losing their homes to foreclosure and may also provide an opportunity to get out from under sub-prime loans and predatory lending practices of the past.


A personal grant can sometimes also create enough cash-flow for recipients to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Grant money can also provide enough cash for a computer or a car that can help a person get a job or get to work and eliminate a main problem in their employment situation.


Business Grants

It requires cash to expand a business and in order to pull our economy out of the downward spiral we are currently in, business leaders need to be able to take chances and make bold decisions. Business Grants can help reduce some of the downsides for small business plans that might otherwise be too risky to implement. Business grants have the multiple benefits of stimulating corporate spending, encouraging job creation and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.


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