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Grant Writing Tips

A grant is a simple request for funds that has a description for a specific need. As an owner, student, or pastor, it is your responsibility to have a strong enough case to convince the funder that you are worthy of receiving a specific grant.


There is a format to be followed and used as an outline when putting together a grant. This PDF will provide you with ten excellent tips to create an exceptional grant proposal to present to any funder whether it’s for school, church, or business.


Successful grant proposal involves the coordination of several activities: planning, searching for specific data, resources, writing, packaging the proposal, submitting the proposal to a potential funder, and follow-up with them.


Shekinah’s Achievement will help make this process easier for you.


Providing tips on:

- Goals and objectives

- Information

- Guidelines and requirements

- Needs statement

- Project abstract

- Broad goals and measurable objectives

- Cover letter

- Reasonable font

- Thank you note

- Follow up

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